The Cary Junior High PTO can only function with the help of many volunteers.


  • End of Year Picnic (May):
    1 co-chair needed to plan the event

  • Fundraising (Fall):
    2 volunteers to help plan event with the chairperson

  • General Volunteer (as needed)

If you are interested in helping with a PTO event, contact cjhpto2017@gmail.com l.com



  • 8th Grade Celebration: Held in May and is a final send off before graduation for the 8th graders. Many volunteers are needed to make this a successful night. They help to plan the event, create/send out invitations, decorate, procure donations, decide/acquire the food, set up and clean up.

  • Directory: The chair person will work with the district office and a printer to create, print and distribute the annual school directory.

  • End of Year Picnic: Volunteers work with teachers to sponsor an end of the year celebration for each grade. This takes place the last couple weeks of school.

  • Fundraising: Volunteers will plan a fundraiser to be held in the fall, this can include collection of fundraising dollars. Those dollars are used to fund PTO events throughout the year and also to assist the junior high in larger purchases.

  • ROTM: The chair person will communicate with local restaurants or businesses to set up monthly fundraising nights.

  • School Supply Kits: The chair person will work with a school supply company to set up a school supply kit for parents to purchase each year.

  • Staff/Bus Driver Appreciation: Volunteers help plan and coordinate food donations to honor teachers and bus drivers throughout the year.